Scratch & Sniff Scentwork hosts K9 Nose Work® classes in Eugene, Oregon taught by Julia Back, a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) with the NACSW™

Julia is a NACSW Certifying Official, Judge, CNWI, and truffle dog handler who came to K9 Nose Work in 2013 from a background in animal behavior and veterinary care. She first began volunteering with shelter dogs in the Galapagos Islands in 2006, where she developed a passion for rescue and rehabilitation. As a Fulbright scholar, Julia later obtained her Master’s degree in animal ecology and behavior from Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia).  She competes in nose work with her own dogs, Willow, a border collie (ELT1, NW3 Elite, TL-I, UL-I); Brody, a shepherd-northern breed mix (2011-2024; ELT-CH, NW3 Elite, L3I, L3C, L2V, L2E), and CJ, a border collie-lab cross (2001-2018; NW1, L1V). Her dogs also train and compete in barn hunt, NASDA, fastCAT, and agility when they aren’t out hunting truffles.  Seeing the remarkable changes K9 Nose Work inspired in the lives of her own dogs, Julia seeks to bring that same sense of purpose, confidence, and fun to both dogs and their handlers.