Intro to K9 Nose Work® — current class is full, please email Julia to join the interest list

This 6-week class will introduce you and your dog to the game of nose work by building your dog’s natural drive to hunt, fostering independent and confident searching, and honing handler observation skills.  Come and see why nose work is the fastest-growing dog activity in the country!

Duration: 6 weeks, 1.5 hours/week; When: Thursdays at 5:15 pm, starting 4/11/19; Cost: $130; Spaces: 8 dog/handler teams


Intro to Nose Work Elements (I and II) — new class in May 2019, email Julia for more information

In this series, we will continue exploring nose work search elements by adding vehicle and exterior searches, as well as interiors and containers of increasing complexity. Dogs will search for primary (food or toys) to continue building drive, independent searching, and problem solving skills, the foundations of nose work success. Handlers will learn the leash handling, teamwork, and observation techniques essential to scent detection.

Please be prepared to work outside in mildly inclement weather.

Duration: 6 weeks per session, 1.5 hours/week; When:  Thursdays at 5:15pm, start date in May 2019, TBA; Cost: $130 per 6-week session; Spaces: 8 dog/handler teams; Prerequisites: Intro to K9 Nose Work


Intro to Odor — class starting in April 2019, email Julia for more information

Intro to Odor focuses on teaching your dog to seek out the birch odor used in nose work competition in container, interior, vehicle, and exterior search areas of growing complexity. Handlers will continue working on leash handling, behavior observation, and learning how scent moves in the environment.

Duration: 6 weeks; When:  Monday April 15, 2019, 7:15pm; Cost: $130; Spaces: 8 dog/handler teams; Prerequisites: Intro to K9 Nose Work, Intro to Nose Work Elements


Intro to Odor II

In this 6-week class we will continue to build your dog’s search skills and obedience to birch odor, as well as introducing anise and clove (two additional competition odors). Handlers will continue learning the skills needed to work a competition scenting dog, with the goal of preparing you and your dog to pass an Odor Recognition Test and compete at the NW1 level. Note: Teams area welcome to attend classes whether or not they ever intend to compete.

Duration: 6 weeks/session, 1.5 hours/week; When:  May 2019, Mondays 7:15pm; Cost: $130; Spaces: 8 dog/handler teams; Prerequisites: Intro to Odor (dogs must be on birch odor)


Continuing/advanced classes

Further 6-week sessions working on NW1 and NW2 competition skill-building may be offered depending on availability and demand.


Drop-in Classes

Intermediate/Advanced Drop-in Classes are ongoing — email Julia for more information

Take nose work on the road! We will meet at outside locations around Eugene to build our dogs’ odor obedience, focus, and resilience to distraction in real-life search environments.

Duration: 1.5 hrs for 6-8 dogs (smaller classes may vary in length); Cost: $20/dog; Prerequisites: Dog must be on all three odors unless otherwise specified.


Private sessions

Private sessions may be scheduled based on training space availability; in-home sessions or classes outside of the Eugene area can also be arranged. Please send inquiries by email to